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Astro-turf Groups
In many campaigns opposed by “Big Business”, bogus “grass-roots” groups (known as “astro-turf”) are created by public relations and professional lobbying firms hired by industry entities, to give the appearance of widespread community support for their cause. See "Confidence Game."
Ban Advocate
Those who encourage bans on two-stroke, gasoline blowers and/or on all blowers.
Includes all types of blowers, in most cases.  In Los Angeles, electric/battery operated blowers are not illegal, but they still create fugitive dust and some noise problems.  For this reason, ZAP discourages their use.
Blower Supporter
Those who encourage the use of blowers
The individual who hires an independent contractor, small business gardener, landscape contractor or business to clean and/or maintain property outside a residence or within a residential area.
Note: Landscape contracting companies are, themselves, the employer of workers.  Residents who hire the services of landscape companies are considered by them to be Clients.
Fugitive Dust
Matter (“PM”)
“Dust particles that are introduced [or resuspended] into the air through certain activities such as soil cultivation, or vehicles operating on open fields or dirt roadways;” ARB Report.
and PM,
Consisting of fine dust particles, dried bird and other animal feces, pesticides, insecticides and other chemicals, street dirt that can contain lead and carbon, and allergens such as molds, pollen, and animal dander
Hardscape Consisting of, but not limited to patios, decks, porches, walkways, paths, driveways, sidewalks, gutters, streets
Consisting of, but not limited to, turf, lawns, gardens, bedding plants, hedges, trees.
Los Angeles
In all cases herein, unless otherwise specified, “Los Angeles” refers only to the City, and does not include Los Angeles County areas outside the City of Los Angeles.
Anyone who operates a machine that propels air in order to move leaves, grass clippings, pods, dust, dirt, debris.
This may be the property owner, or a “worker” as defined below.
Group or individual/s that disagree with the position being discussed. 
Any legal place of residence such a house, an apartment of any description (condo, duplex, double), or a permanently placed mobile home.  These may be owned, leased, or rented by their inhabitants.
A residence is probably in, but is not limited to, residential areas or residential zones.  Many people live in apartments near businesses.
Resident implies, but is not limited to, citizens who can vote for elected officials.  Resident is someone who lives in the City of Los Angeles.
A random survey of public opinion conducted by Zero Air Pollution (ZAP) in the summer of 1999.  It can be found on this web site here.
Anyone who uses a blower in violation of a law.  In Los Angeles, any person using a blower which registers over 65dB at a distance of 50 feet in a residential zone or within 500 feet of that zone;  And/or:
Anyone who uses any blower which is not electric within 500 feet of any residence.
Anyone who is paid to perform work on property outside a residence, which entails maintenance and clean up of landscape or hardscape.
This may be a temporary day-worker, regular worker, independent contractor, small gardening business owner or employee, or larger landscape company employee, all of which are commonly referred to as “gardeners”.