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Operator Observance of

Safety Instructions for Gas Powered Leaf Blowers

and of Time of Use of Blowers.

Of 100 yard maintenance workers who were observed from August to October, 1997:

  1. None (0%) wore hearing protection.
  2. One (1%) wore a dust mask for breathing protection.
  3. Twenty-two (22%) wore eye protection of some kind (not necessarily the recommended wrap-around goggles)

Of the twenty-seven who were also interviewed:

  1. Seven claimed hearing impairment as a result of using leaf blowers.
  2. Two claimed to have breathing problems that they attributed to using leaf blowers.
  3. Ten (37%) said they were aware of manufacturers’ safety instructions, but did not feel it was necessary to follow them.
  4. Seventeen (63%) were unaware of manufacturers’ safety instructions.