leaf blowers zero air pollution
research regarding leaf blower laws

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Survey 99


1. Electric cord reels, outdoor electric power posts which "plant" into the ground at a location distant from, but connected to a source of electricity closer to a residence/

2. One device prevents accidental uncoupling of electrical cords by snapping around the connection,

3. Several inexpensive specialty rakes claim to reduce back strain. One rake encloses piles of leaves to facilitate lifting and depositing in a bin. It includes an ergonomic handle with cushioned grips. (Under $30).

4. One manual rolling rake is pushed ahead of its operator and rakes, de-thatches lawns, aerates the soil, and does light tilling.

5. Garden carts to transport gathered leaves and debris to a trash can or composting site on the property being cleaned.

6. There are many inexpensive devices that hold open trash bags at ground level which allow workers to rake or sweep leaves and debris directly into the bag without bending.